House F: Conce Rosse - Firenze 2020

This lovely apartment is located on the first floor of a beautiful building in the central district of Santa Croce. "Conce Rosse" is in honor of the ancient craft of Florentine tanners who had their workshops in this area and the will to recover the past has defined our project with a red leitmotiv that - declined in multiple decorative solutions - we find in every space of the house. The apartment needed an important restoration to allow the renewal of the appliances and finishes with the creation of a new toilet in full respect of the original architectural characteristics. During the works we found some ancient pictorial decorations that were recovered and integrated as part of the wall decoration. Similarly, the terracotta floors of some rooms have been restored by surgically intervening with the implant ridges in order to preserve the "patina" of ageing. The layout has remained almost unchanged: the entrance hallway, the living room with double views of the street and the kitchen, while the corridor, illuminated by a cut of indirect light, leads to the new bathroom and to the bedroom, which takes light from a window on the front of the windshield. Moving to the kitchen, a giant wallpaper image of Florence is the backdrop to the dining area and its perspective doubles the visual perception of the space giving us the pleasant feeling of being seated under the arcades of Piazza della Repubblica. On all the walls of the living room, damask-themed paintings have been recovered in shades of red, while the wooden ceiling is illuminated with a dimmable LED strip. The new bathroom plays on shades of grey and blue with an extra-sized mirror that expands the space.















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