Casa M: Chromatic lines - Florence 2014

The apartment, one of a kind, is located in the heart of the city centre and it is part of a wide intervention of renovation: what it used to be a decaying crafts building has been transformed into several flats with a modern style. Protected from chaos and loud noises, this urban interior takes us to a “different place”, far from the idea of Florence we usually have, a northern european space, defined by public and private gardens.The property was handed to us at raw structural state, giving great freedom to the client to adapt it to his idea of a space to enjoy with guests and where to organize parties. Through little planimetric alterations, we created a wide living area, with spaces that fluidly succeed one another, composed by a double livingroom overlooking the garden, then a kitchen and a diningroom. Two bedrooms with private bathroom complete the apartment, together with a service area and a courtyard.The flat's pivoting room is the kitchen which links the diningroom to the living area, and from which it is possible to chat at the garden's sight. The spaces are flooded with light passing through the wide glasses. The fluidity of the space is marked on the floor by a guide made of eco-resin that draws several visual get-aways. The floor so fragmented is decked with a by porcelain gres 20x120 cm disposed according to the resin guides. This path leads the guest from the entrance to the garden, allowing him to measure the whole household. The finishes are rich and curated to the finest detail: slaked for the diningroom and the master bedroom, resin coating the two bathrooms. An array of furniture has been designed specifically for each space, as the master bathroom cabinet, resin coated in plum, or as the entrance cabinet finished with gold leaf. Special attention was paid to the lighting of each area with LED-strips dimmable, branded lighting pieces and scenic lights to exalt the space. The choice of RGB LED components further underlines the household conceptual project.




















your desires, our project.