Home S: Refuge of the heart - Campiglia Marittima – 2022

This interior design project was born from the need to renew and furnish a beautiful apartment perched on the hillside of Campiglia Marittima. The space distribution includes a wide living area with three large windows from which to enjoy a beautiful view; adjacent to it, there are two spacious rooms characterized by vaulted ceilings with brick "on view" and stone walls. The customer, a long-time friend, wanted to include furniture that would create small, collected areas without affecting the overall perception of space and the feeling of being in a single large room. For the dining and kitchen area, a new peninsula element was added, to better define the work space, while a large table in yellow metal sheet - designed to measure - represents a singularity that catches the eye in a gentle contrast with the predominant tones of brick. Similarly in the second room, a space divider allows to create two separate environments in a fluid way: a first study area and then a bedroom in a tergal and more intimate position. The result is a bright, welcoming house, perfect to recover the energies, perfect to offer refuge to the heart....

Photos: Daniele Bianchi





















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