CASA S: The flat on the roofs - Florence 2016

The Studio intervention aimed at giving value to the potential of this little apartment located at the top floor of a typical building of Florence's historical centre. The household was found in really bad conditions and needed some consolidation and retrofit works of the existing systems. We architecturally recovered what was already existing and we mixed it with modern elements and materials. From the apartment one can enjoy the view over Florence's roofs together with some magical views such as of the synagogue framed in the bedroom window. Once entered into the flat, a staircase leads to a short corridor that divides the livingroom from the transitory diningroom, then the bathroom and the bedroom. Walking up a few steps from the diningroom we have access to the small kitchen that has been refurbished in a more functional way than the existing one. The planimetric modifications and the demolition of the decaying trellis allowed us to bring the original roofing back to light and to realize a mezzanine overlooking the livingroom. The use of modern materials such as iron and of innovative finishes make the project intervention stand out within the whole perception of the apartment. Special attention has been paid to the lighting solutions, creating versatile illumination for different situations. Florence's skyline is symbolically recalled in the bedroom by a wine-coloured trace that overhangs the bed headboard.



















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