testimonial3Estate Consultancy
Architect Franchini personally takes care of the estate consultancy: strategic investment analysis, market research and evaluation.

Our services are aimed to clients who desire to buy or sell properties and receive a highly specialized consultances regarding their estate asset.


We care for our clients step by step

In 2015 Architect Franchini successfully attended the course in Real Estate Evaluation Expert qualified from En.I.C. – Ente Italiano di Certificazione. Buying: our aim is to select properties which match the specific needs of the buyer. The research implies inspections and premilinary evaluations of economic and urban feasibility; when the properties have been selected, the client is invited to visit them. The client will be supported in all the following phases: from the direct offer to the title deed, taking care of the relation with the seller. Our technical competences are focused on the client’s interests, verifying the urban and cadastral regularity, defining preliminary architectural projects and related cost quotations. Selling: After having checked the urban and cadastral regularity, we estimate the property and choose the real estate agent who will advertise it. The client is adviced in the relationship with the the buyer and the notary.



your desires, our project.